June Giveaway – Alushia Sanchia



To celebrate our first week of opening we are giving away an Arrow Pendant from amazing Australian designer Alushia Sanchia.
To be in the a chance, headover to our Facebook page, The Native State, ‘like’ us, and than share the above image on your page. But don’t worry if you don’t have Facebook, you can also follow us on Instagram and / or write a comment below to be in with a chance too..
(but don’t put down your email address though.  Don’t want any spammers getting it)
We will annouce the winner next Friday lunchtime..

3 thoughts on “June Giveaway – Alushia Sanchia

  1. Love it! don't have facebook but I already follow on IG and Twitter. Im loving all the amazing treats you have i'm a little smitten.Zoehttp://gypsiesister.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Well I don't have a Facebook account anymore but I would really love to have this beautiful neckelace so i hope it is an international giveaway!I will talk around me about your shop bevause i definitly love it.del.laville@gmail.com

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