World Domination…almost!

Oops its been a while…I know! I don’t have an excuse…well actually I was busy getting interviewed by lovely fashion blogger, Ellie for her blog World Domination. 
It was really great to take a few hours out, put the kettle on and think about The Native State – it’s beginnings, it’s now and it’s future.  We really have come a long way in the last few months, its been a very exciting time and the support from the labels and our customers has been wonderful.  So from the bottom of our heart,
You can check out the full interview here.
Ooh and we are very close to putting in our first order for a new label.  We can’t reveal full details just yet but lets just say we’ve dressed you in jewels, wrapped you in scarves, provided amazing bags to carry your necessities…what other deliciousness can we bring you?  Well the Winter’s coming, you’re going to have to keep your head warm, right?

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