Clean Sweep

The London 2012 Olympics were pretty wonderful, weren’t they?

This actually doesn’t come as much of a surprise to me as I was fortunate enough to live in Vancouver during the Winter Olympics in 2010 and worked in the Athletes Village.  So I know full well what an absolutely incredible event it is.  When I would tell people how amazing it was, how it changed me life, people would just smile and change the conversation.  Not out of rudeness but because they didn’t understand.  Now however, now I feel they finally get it.

My very unglamourous role was to check the bags of the athletes as they entered the Village, working the night shift from 11pm to 10am. The role was so far removed from anything I had ever done but I was a traveller and it paid well.  It turned out the money was irrelevant. I would have done it for free if I known then what I was to gain in other ways. 

The four weeks I spent working at The Village did change my life. It may sound a little melodramatic and I don’t think I will ever fully be able to explain why and how but through the friendships I made, experiences I had, the sights I saw…I left with this overwhelming feeling of being invincible. That no matter what challenges lay ahead I had the confidence to face them head on and that I could be and do anything I wanted.  I made some pretty life changing decisions soon after the Olympics finished. I faced my fears, took chances and leapt, landing on both feet, here – exactly where I am suppose to be.