Scout & Catalogue – I’ve got a Clutch on you…

If we hadn’t been too keen on the Clutch before  – ‘it can’t carry anything, it’s awkward to carry, how can I dance around it?’, Scout & Catalogue definitely changed our mind.  Their Summer Collection introduced us to the over sized Constellation Clutch. So big you could fit your phone, your hairbrush, your purse and whatever else us ladies seem to carry around with us.

The recently launched Fall/Winter Collection won’t disappoint either. With over eight new designs in Scout & Catalogue designed fabrics, that party dress just found its perfect match…

 All Clutches are available for pre order at The Native State now.

Source: Scout & Catalogue

Mixing tie dye with Scout & Catalogue’s uniquely designed fabrics, gorgeous scarves make up the new Fall/Winter Collection too. Exchanging Summer for Winter or vice versa, the materials and colours used mean S&C’s scarves look awesome wrapped snugly with your new Winter coat or hung loosely round your neck as you soak up the warm summer breeze. 

For us UK dwellers, it certainly makes those colder evenings a lot more bearable.

All scarves shown will be available at The Native State from 22nd November.

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