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To check out our full collection, shop online at:

The Native State
The Native State on Etsy

Have you check out our new arrivals recently?  We’ve added lots of new prints to the store to help decorate your walls with inspiration, happiness and motivation.  We sure do like words at The Native State.  They’ve often lifted our mood, put us back on the right path or just made us smile.

You've Got This

Reading things like ‘You’ve Got This’ and ‘Do More of What Makes You Happy’ are the pockets of inspiration that gave us the confidence to start The Native State – the words that reminded us to to be bold and brave when it got a little scary, and unfamiliar.

In addition to selling on The Native State, we also have a larger collection of prints on Etsy, please go check them out.  Etsy is such a wonderful source for creatives and I love the unique and individual pieces you can pick up.  Here’s a few of the new wonderful shops we’ve fallen in love with recently:

LightCookie // ThePrimitivePoint // SucculentSalon

As standard, we offer a selection of different sizes from A6 up to A3 although we’re more than happy to make custom prints too.  We recently shipped a ‘TNS Manifesto‘ print in A2 to California.  I’d love to know where exactly it will end up.

The Native State Manifesto

So this is our new journey with The Native State.  Like the many journeys before it, we’re pretty excited and a little nervous but in these circumstances like this, we just think to ourselves….What Would Beyonce Do? 😉


To check out our full collection, shop online at:

The Native State
The Native State on Etsy

We’ll also be at the Makers Market in Morningside, Edinburgh on March 7th too.


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