The Native State

The Native State opened its virtual doors in June 2012.

Born from a discussion over drinks six months previous, The Native State has grown from strength to strength, capturing the hearts of customers and designers from across the globe.

Selling jewellery and accessories and recently taking the leap into clothes, The Native State focus is to discover those pieces, which put a smile on your face.   Unique hand-made pieces that make us feel special, confident and open in our pursuit of a life well led.

From Australia to Uruguay, California to Edinburgh, the carefully curated collection of labels is a creative mix of established names along with up and coming labels.  Each hand-picked not only for the beauty of the products but the connection with the designers and artists – individuals who are living life, following dreams and inspiring others along the way.

So many experiences, places, music and people led to the creation of The Native State and this blog is our opportunity to share our passions with you.  By sharing what inspires us, we hope to inspire you.  Life needs to be filled with fun, creative and fashionable adventures and these are ours.

Come back often and share your experiences with us too!


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