Ingrid Michaelson | You and I

My niece recently got a ukulele for her birthday. She’s ten and pretty darn awesome.  She lives in Haines, Alaska and is everything beautiful about this world. I’m sure I’ll tell you more about her later.
Ingrid Michaelson’s You and I, is the first song she has learnt to play and sing and I know all aunties might say this but I reckon in a few years time, I’m going to be posting her version from You Tube.

Go Matilda, keep shining bright.

Purchase it here: You and I by Ingrid Michaelson


Wanderlust | New York City

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Part of our honeymoon will be spent walking the streets of New York City.  I cannot wait.  It is a trip we have been talking about since we met.  Everyone has a place in NYC that they recommend you visit from cafes to bars, parks and streets.  For me, I always recommend Cafe Wha?  Famed for being the original stomping ground of Bob Dylan and Jimi Hendrix, it has been the location of some very fun nights.  I may have even had a 24 hour stop over in NYC just to go to Cafe Wha?  The house band is amazing and I challenge anyone not to be up dancing in the aisles by the time the last song is played.  It will be great to return.

I’d love to know your recommendations too.  So, if you had 24 hours in NYC where would you go?

Lonely Planet New York City (Travel Guide)

Wanderlust | Alaska

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“because he had no place he could stay in without getting tired of it and because there was nowhere to go but everywhere, keep rolling under the stars…”
~ Jack Kerouac

In a weeks time I’ll be a married lady and heading on an amazing adventure to Alaska with my new husband.  To most, Alaska might be an odd honeymoon destination but my big sister lives in Haines with her adorable family, the newest addition being one week old baby Leon.  I cannot wait to be surrounded by them and surrounded by Alaska’s beautiful landscape and wildlife.

 I have visited before. I traveled the three days from Scotland as a surprise, calling the only taxi driver in town as I arrived in the mail plane and we drove around looking for a familiar house. I had seen a photograph but didn’t have the address.  We ate cherry pie, the freshest fish, walked beautiful beaches, drank Brandy Alexanders and laughed. A lot.

 My surprise arrival made the local paper. It was a pretty great adventure.

I can’t wait to return with my husband by my side.

Lonely Planet Alaska (Travel Guide)

Stars and Stripes

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There are certain pieces that all girls should have in their wardrobe. A stripe top, trousers or dress should be one.  Easy to dress up or dress down, its an item of clothing that can do no wrong.  Here are a few of our favourite looks x

Why not team your stripy tee with a statement necklace from The Native State x