Ingrid Michaelson | You and I

My niece recently got a ukulele for her birthday. She’s ten and pretty darn awesome.  She lives in Haines, Alaska and is everything beautiful about this world. I’m sure I’ll tell you more about her later.
Ingrid Michaelson’s You and I, is the first song she has learnt to play and sing and I know all aunties might say this but I reckon in a few years time, I’m going to be posting her version from You Tube.

Go Matilda, keep shining bright.

Purchase it here: You and I by Ingrid Michaelson


Royals by Lorde

Everyone gets those songs that they can’t get out of their head…the one you put on repeat and dance around your room.  For us, this song is Royals by Lorde. Awesome!

Purchase it here: Royals by Lorde

The Cat Empire | Two Shoes

For more info: The Cat Empire

Recommended to me by my sister, The Cat Empire are an Australian ska and jazz band formed in 1999. They make me want to dance round my living room and any band that makes me do that, is all right by me.

Purchase it here: Two Shoes by The Cat Empire