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So in October I got engaged! A beautiful walk on the beach, on his birthday, turned into a lot of happy tears, laughter and love.  It was a  good day!

Being a planner, much to my mother-in-laws delight, I’m not really daunted by the organising of our wedding. I’ve been feasting on the beautiful images on Pinterest, a endless supply of inspiration.  We’ve already begun collecting old glass jars and bottles which I imagine to be filled with wild flowers picked from my parents garden.  We’ve got the venue, a beautiful renovated barn on the outskirts of my hometown with views to the sea, and the date, a hopefully sunny day in April 2015. We met our Humanist the other day too.

Our planning is coming along nicely, I’ll keep you updated throughout the year but for now I’ll leave you with these images which are currently inspiring our day.

I really can’t wait to be his wife!


Pinterest | Kiss, Kiss

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Do you remember you first kiss? Yeah, me too! Wasn’t that wonderful either!  With an absent boyfriend this Valentines Day I’ll have to make do with these images and The Notebook!

Happy kissing on Valentines Day!

Pinterest: Just Sayin’

A New Year always tends to come with new intentions.

Travel more, read more, lose weight, run a marathon, take a chance, leave your job….
We’re now deep into January and sometimes that motivation can start to fail us. So if you need a little boost here’s a little sample from our ‘Just Sayin’ board on Pinterest
…words to lift the heart.

Pinterest: The Great Outdoors

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We escaping the big city for New Year and driving four hours North to the West coast of Scotland. It will be a week of long beach walks, mountain hikes, open fires, hot chocolates and rum (yum), snug clothes, laughter and celebration – a week of embracing The Great Outdoors.

However you are celebrating the ending of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, may it be one of filled with happiness.

Lets make 2013 our year to shine.