Splitscreen: A Love Story

I remember watching this video when it first came out in 2011.  Since then I’ve found myself searching for it again and again over the years.  A simple love story, filmed beautifully. It just makes me happy.


Bon Iver – Don’t you cherish me to sleep

Source: Bon Iver
No band, in recent years, has made such an impact on me than Bon Iver. When first introduced to them, I recall creating a playlist which I would listen to as I drifted off to sleep. Being the soundtrack as I crossed from the real world to dream world has left me with such a strong connection with some songs that listening to them often ends with tears rolling down my cheeks. 
If you haven’t got twenty-four minutes to spare to watch the full video, can I recommend jumping to eight minutes thirty for their take on an eighties classic!
Oh and check out their websiteits a delight too!